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We offer a wide range of legal services in different areas for individual clients and legal entities on legal advice, management and consultancy.

In the list below you can consult our range of services in different areas.

Civil Area

  • Civil contract law
  • Complaints and appeals of unfair clauses
  • Family (separations, divorce, parenting plans, affiliation, incapacitations)
  • Inheritance (estate planning, wills, declaration of heirs, demonstration, acceptance, delivery and settlement of estates)
  • Horizontal property law (communities of owners: setting up of communities, statutes, meetings, cancelling of agreements, reclaiming of quotas)
  • Leases (contracting, evictions, contract resolutions)
  • Civil responsibility, contractual and contractual liability
  • Registration and mortgage law
  • Patrimonial law

Commercial Area

  • Unfair competition
  • Debt reclamation
  • Agency contracts and distribution
  • Companies: establishment and dissolution of companies, development, adaptation and modification of statutes, meeting attendance, minutes and certificates, transfers of registered addresses, enlargement and reduction of capital, mergers, consultancy services for administrative organs, challenging of corporate resolutions, liability
  • Mediation with Institutions and Administration

Tax law

  • Management accounting for companies
  • Tax planning
  • Counseling and tax management
  • Corporate Income Tax, Direct Estimation Modules-
  • Family taxation: Successions, Donations, Family Protocols
  • Assistance with tax inspections
  • Tax administrative law, administrative claims and contentious claims, TEAR claims and litigation judicial procedures

Labor Area

  • Administrative employment law
  • Recruitment
  • Social security payments: company registration, worker registration, change management, subrogation
  • Management of pay roll and social security contributions
  • Layoffs, goals, discipline, collectives
  • Negotiations, conciliations
  • Work procedures
  • Inspections: advice, support, disputes

Procedural area

  • Guidance in judicial procedures in the field of civil jurisdiction, commercial, administrative litigation and labor: strategic litigation planning throughout the whole process

International area

  • International contract law
  • Recognition and enforcement of foreign titles and deeds in the Spanish courts and of Spanish titles in foreign court systems
  • Family law (divorce, claiming of alimony, parental responsibility and reporting regime, international child abduction)
  • Processing and opposition in the European order for payment procedure and small claims procedure
  • Exequatur of foreign judgments

Prison area

  • Initial classifications and progressions of degree
  • Permits
  • Probation
  • Penalties

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